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Glow in the Dark Clone-A-Willy
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Glow in the Dark Clone-A-Willy

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4 stars of 5 rating
4 Reviews
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Product Description

Sex toy for couples glows in the dark!

Create an exact replica of your favorite penis and turn an evening of fun into a lifetime of vibrating pleasure with this sex toy for couples. This kit contains simple, easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make a life-size rubber vibrating dildo exactly like him - except he is always there, always ready! Mix, inset, mold and play! Contains no latex.

• Specially timed molding powder
• Safe and non-allergenic liquid rubber
• Safe and non-allergenic 'Liquid Skin'
• Stir Stick
• Vibrating Unit
• Molding Tube
• Easy to follow directions

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

Male, Female
11 inches
Rubber, Ultra-Realistic, Latex-free
2.5 inches
Customer Rating
4 stars of 5 rating
(4 Reviews)
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
If you love his penis... 4/18/2007
The Clone A Willy a great sex toy. It’s hard to make but well worth the cost if the first one doesn't turn out. You have to work fast and help your guy stay excited. My man has an incredible penis and The Clone A Willy has turned out an exact copy in every detail. I can play with it whenever and where ever I want or can get his penis and tongue together when he uses it on me. The Clone A Willy is much better than any dildo because you really come to know your guys own equipment. I'm now as familiar with it as he is and I'm much more confident in handling the real thing and knowing what it can do for me. I also admit, I love being able to show him off to my girlfriends (he knows I do this).
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5 stars of 5 rating
The Joneses
5 stars of 5 rating
A novel idea but is difficult to accomplish 9/20/2008
I don’t know if I psyched myself out because I read too much about it before we tried it, but the first time was a bad experience. I thought this was going to be really fun but I was so nervous going into this that I just simply could not stay hard long enough to get a mold. The fact that if you screw up, there is no going back and you can’t reuse the powder and have to buy more if you have a problem. We had my favorite porno playing, we were both naked in the kitchen and everything was fine until it came time to make the mold, it hardened before I could even get into it, due to a delay on my part. Fortunately the makers of Clone a Willy’s are quite aware of this and sell extra powder very inexpensively for just such a case. So, you would have thought that I would have de-rated this product because of all of this? No way! I wanted to give you a “real life” scenario of this product because they, of course, make it look so perfect and easy to do in the video. I hope this helps to calm your nerves. –The Joneses
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1 stars of 5 rating
1 stars of 5 rating
Waste of money. 1/2/2010
My gf and I bought this because I would be away for a few months. It was fun to make together and provided lots of laughing during the process but the finished product was nothing like we expected. The rubber is hard like stone and the vibrating portion canted to the side during the drying process so it was poking out the side. If anything we just ended up with a statue of my penis. An entertaining novelty but a waste of 45 bucks! Better just to by a dildo made with high quality materials. Hope this this was helpful.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
Is that my willy on your night stand?! 12/31/2009
Okay, to preface this, i got this kit to surprise my g/f with a clone of my willy since we arent always around each other when the mood strikes. it wasnt a bad a idea, the problem is i dont see how you could ever do this by yourself! I really messed up my first attempt alone. There was no way i was staying hard during the entire molding process, no matter how much porn i watched. I was really upset that i screwed up the first attempt, because this package only comes with one attempt. Thankfully i found out that you can buy more powder so you can use the kit more than once; guess i wasnt the only person to fail on the first attempt. For the second attempt, I got my g/f involved. She helped do the mixing and helped a lot keeping me hard while the mold was hardening! She was such a great help and the mold turned out amazing!! She absolutely loves it and it has replaced her usual vibrator, which makes me feel good on the inside. The glow in the dark part is a funny novelty, but kinda weirded me out when i woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and saw it on her night stand. We have already bought this item as a product, with some extra powder, to give as a gift to some of our friends, we just love it! A must have for any couple, especially those that spend time apart - like those who travel a lot for work.
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