Adam's Promax Pump

Adam's Promax Pump

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Adam's Promax Pump
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Product Description

Easy To Use Pump For Enlarging Erections!

Featuring a crimp-free air hose, accurate pressure gauge, and lifelike airtight seal, Adam’s ProMax Pump is exactly what your erection needs!

  • Vacuum suction pulls blood into your shaft enhancing your erections
  • Each pump gets you harder and bigger
  • Doctor recommended for men with erection issues
  • Lifelike silicone ring offers tight seal and incentive
  • Crimp-free hose and large chamber
  • Track your progress using heavy-duty gauge and built-in ruler
  • Measures 2.25” wide and 9.25” long
  • Cylinder made comprised of plastic and a silicone ring for a tight seal

Penis pumps are among the select sex toys that remain doctor recommended to aid in alleviating erection problems. The ProMax Pump fosters a strong vacuum in the clear chamber that tugs on your penis and naturally stretches your tissue to add length. Additionally, it pulls more blood into your shaft giving more girth and a firm erection. Squeeze the handle to increase pressure in the pump.

The silicone ring is formed in the shape of a woman’s lips. Slipping inside is always a pleasure and naturally stimulating. This pump features a crimp-free air hose so there’s no need to fret about cutting off suction. Plus, the chamber is super sized for new growth, comfort, and safety.

This pump is engineered so you can delight in your new progress. The pump cylinder sports a ruler on the side for simple measurements. Additionally, there’s a heavy-duty pressure gauge for setting goals for your pump sessions.

Your penis pump measures 2.25” wide and 9/25” long. The tube is comprised of durable plastic and features a silicone ring to create a strong seal. Silicone remains both flexible and soft, perfect for molding to your body and creating an airtight seal.

The penis pump is compliant with water-based sex lubes. Clean the pump using warm, soapy water after every use and rinse it clean. After the pump dries, store it with your other sex toys in a discreet location.

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3 stars of 5 rating
(1 Reviews)
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Verified Purchase
3 stars of 5 rating
Not Bad for the Money but still didappointed. 4/29/2019
The item did not come with any instructions. Pumps should have instructions as to max pressure, care, use etc... Also, the measurement markings on the sides to measure progress are in centimeters..... Really?? What is this, North Korea? Not as exciting to tell your wife , girlfriend or other that, "I'm up to 17 centimeters!" The vagina shaped "comfort cuff" was a bit weird also. The hole was a bit small and even though it stretched, it was a bit tight. Would be nice if it came with just a normal cuff. Will purchase something different in the future.
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