Sexy Slave Kit

Sexy Slave Kit

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Product Description

Sexy Slave Kit For Some Kinky Fun!

This amazing sex toy for couples that begs you to obey your desires! Fulfill those role-playing fantasies in or out of the bedroom with a fun and sassy kit that is bound to tickle and please. This sex toy for couples comes with sultry red wrist and angle velcro cuffs with 42 inch connectors, a soft blindfold and a red pleasure feather.


• Soft red blindfold
• Ankle ties with extensions (4)
• Pleasure feather

Male, Female
Nylon, Feather
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5 stars of 5 rating
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5 stars of 5 rating
Lovers from Texas
5 stars of 5 rating
Round trip ticket to paradise! 8/6/2008
The Sexy Slave Kit comes with a feather tickler, four restraints with soft cuffs and velco closures, and a blindfold. This item has replaced our collection of knotted up neckties and bandanas. My mom would be angry if she knew what all those ties were used for. This kit is great. It has really enhanced our S&M sessions. I have to say that, after watching 'Exploring Guilty Pleasures & Sexual Power Play', our sex has been pretty wild. I cannot express how awesome it feels to not be able to see or touch your partner as they have their way with you. I use the feather on her, and she drags her long soft hair over me. That softest of touches that just barely make contact with the little hairs on your body brings goose bumps almost every time. It is so hot. The master can do anything they want to you and all you can do, as the slave, is endure the excruciating pleasure. Remember to have a safe word that will release you and stop all the activity if you do not like what is going on. Pick something that will never be said by accident. Ours is rutabaga (the vegetable). Licking, kissing, sucking, stroking, light slaps, light spanking, tickling and the use of ice and warm breath are just some of the things you may try on the slave. We both find them incredibly erotic. It is like one of your wildest dreams. Tons of surprises await you when you are the slave. Being the master is hot too. I love hearing her giggle and moan as she wiggles around. I sometimes tease her lips with the head of my penis letting her think she will get to suck it, then I pull back. Even better than that is kissing and licking around her nipples and vulva without ever touching the actual thing. She has had an orgasm several times from this kind of teasing. Everyone should try this item. It will let your partner send you into space.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX
5 stars of 5 rating
Sex is Fun!!! 5/19/2007
This Sexy Slave Kit is going to spice things up with your lover for sure. The sensation of being blindfolded and helpless is something you should experience. My wife teased me with the feathers and all my body tickled with pleasure. Having no way to move or touch your partner with your hands makes your body release adrenaline and feel more pleasure. Can you imagine the oral sex and your lover riding your penis like a cowgirl? Well don't imagine it anymore and make it real. You won't regret on buying this sex toy for couples. Ladies the same applies to you, imagine your man giving you oral sex and making love to you while you are blinfolded and tied from arms and legs.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Naughty Kitten
5 stars of 5 rating
When my partner showed me the cuffs and and ties I was nervous until he said we can use a safe word QUIT! When he asked if I wanted to be in control it was a real turn on to tie him to our bed and play with him. We've never had to use the safe word but once I felt very naughty that he always wanted to be tied down so I could ride him. I tied him down and teased him with a strip and held myself just out of his reach. I was so excited knowing he was waiting for me. He was really frustrated when I left him for more than an hour before I returned. I recommend the cuffs for anyone wanting a real turnon. I'm thinking of having an all girl spanking party as the next level of fun with him tied up as the spankee.He still calls me Kitten but he knows now who is boss.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
Erotic and exciting!!! 11/6/2007
I've been married 14 years and I bought this as a surprise for my husband - and was he surprised!! We have a very active sex life with various toys, but we are not into S&M so I never ventured to buy anything like this. Am I glad I did!!!! He was very turned on and had a very intense orgasm. Since then it has gotten lots of use (with either of us being restrained). We are not into S&M - it's just the anticipation and pleasure that comes from using this product. My only minor complaint would be that the blindfold doesn't always stay on very well. It stays on my husband better than me - maybe my hair gets in the way or maybe I move more. So ladies, enjoy the attention and anticipation. Men, if you are manly enough to give up some control, you won't regret it!! ; )
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5 stars of 5 rating
Miss Kay
5 stars of 5 rating
Great Value for the Money 2/15/2010
This is actually one of the first products that my boyfriend and I owned that was BDSM-related. I must say it was a really good purchase as well. It includes two ankle cuffs, two wrist cuffs, a blindfold, and a feather. The cuffs hold really well. They're just fabric with velcro to hold them shut and a tether of nylon on the end of it, but they work really well to tie up to things. The velcro will hold any partner very stable, and they won't be able to get out if without being able to touch their hands together. The blindfold is just elastic attached to the same red felt that was used on the cuffs. It actually does a decent job of keeping out the light, and we still use the blindfold to this day. The feather was actually really nice as well. It has a little handle hold where you can hold onto it as well as a strap for your wrist or to hang it later. Overall, the kit comes together to make it a great kit for nights to come. You can use the tethers to tie up your partner to furniture or even tie the tethers to each other. The cuffs are very comfortable to use, and if you want, you could even pull your partner around by the wrist cuffs. It's a great purchase to make, and one you'll be using for a long time to come.
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